What Tom Brady is currently doing, at the age of 40, is something we haven’t seen in professional football or professional sports and it’s incredible. Forget about his history, that’s another legend altogether, but the way he is playing at his age is something to marvel at. When was the last time we saw an athlete of his advanced age perform at such an incredibly high level? Never, that’s when.

Think about it, sure there have been athletes over the age of 40 who have competed at high levels, but come on… Tom Brady is making plays that most 26-year olds only dream of. Did anyone watch that game against an angry Texans Defense? Brady looked ageless and almost perfect at the end as he drove the field and won the game.

What other QB would you rather have in your huddle, with two minutes left and down 4? Tom Brady is the Terminator on the field and much is thanks to his unique diet and fitness regime.

The guy has never eaten a strawberry in his life, never. His routine revolves around the 80-20 diet. This diet isn’t 980% good 20% bad, instead its 80% alkaline and 20% acidic. He drinks protein shakes like they are going out of style and never allows himself to get out of shape. Tom Brady believes there is no offseason, that’s one of his secrets to his unbelievable success.

He eats seasonally as well, which means he eats differently in the summer than he does in the winter. These odd rules mixed with his holistic approach to his whole body health has him playing like a 29-year-old in a 40-year-old body. Brady also employs some meditation and yoga into his normal routine to round out his unique diet and fitness plan.

Getting inside the head of Brady is not difficult to do physically, but can you handle his routine 24/7 365? That’s what separates Brady from other freak athletes who just use their immense physical talent to get by. We haven’t seen anyone with this type of longevity since maybe Cal Ripken Jr. in baseball, who holds the record for consecutive games played at 2,632, which works out to 16 years straight.

Tom is in some real rare company and he is only getting better. His intense knowledge combined with a freakish skillset and his Greek God body is a combination we haven’t seen before.

It’s not every day that the term GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) gets thrown around when talking about a sports figure, but this time its well worth it.
Expect Tom Brady to go down as the greatest QB in modern football and he won’t be surpassed for some time. Unless of course, if RG3 catches on somewhere…haha J/K, he stinks.