Colin Kaepernick Files Collusion Claim Against NFL

The Colin Kaepernick story takes another unexpected twist when he filed a grievance against the NFL for collusion.  Well, does he have a legal leg to stand on or is this just another grasp at attention and money?  I don’t think he would have filed this claim if there wasn’t some form of validity.  It’s not like people were talking about Kaepernick any less, he is still trending, so this doesn’t feel like an attention grab.


What exactly is collusion?

Collusion requires cooperation between multiple people or organizations in an attempt to victimize someone.  Well, it would seem like the NFL owners did collude with each other to prevent Colin from obtaining work, but can he prove it? This is the hardest thing, it may be a widely believed premise, but if it can’t be proven, it doesn’t matter.

Colin needs a smoking gun, an email or a taped conversation between at least two teams so there is factual evidence, not just hearsay, and speculation.  So, maybe he has some evidence and that is why he is now filing a claim, or it could just be another attempt to get on a team.  although continuing this drama will certainly not help him get on any roster.

Just because Colin may be better than many of the quarterbacks in the league doesn’t itself prove collusion. So, that defense is tossed out the window…

Just because these teams are actively doing what President Trump is saying doesn’t prove collusion either.  Since Trump isn’t affiliated with the NFL, he can’t collude against Kaepernick.

What would happen if Colin actually won a collusion case against the NFL?

Well, it is a long shot but if he did, in fact, have a smoking gun against the NFL, he could expect millions in return.  They would pay him however much the arbitrator believed Kaepernick would have made on the job, plus damages.

Usually, triple the original amount, so if he was awarded $10 million, he would get $30 million!

Now that Green Bay lost their star QB Aaron Rodgers for the season, Colin Kaepernick may get a call for a job interview.  The NFL is a private business so they have the right to hire and fire whoever they wish, it’s just a shame that these stupid issues have to be at the center of it all.

Well, honestly, I just wish some team would take a flyer on Colin so we could actually worry about the real issues and not someone kneeling for an anthem.  Maybe we can work on racial injustice and inequality, or gun control or mental health issues or obesity or a million other more important issues…

However this drama unfolds, I just hope we can become a less divided people and focus on making our planet and world a better place for all…