The Colts franchise quarterback and easily one of the brightest young stars in the NFL may have a career-ending shoulder injury, and the doctors are baffled. It’s usually not a good thing when your ailment confuses doctors and keeps them bewildered nine months after your surgery. That is the exact situation Andrew Luck is in, nine months after his shoulder surgery, he still has a mysterious pain that has his doctors completely confused.

Nine months after serious shoulder surgery, Luck threw a football a few times before he was shut down for the season… but this worried his doctors. So, this is where we all start to worry about Andrew Luck and his health. He took a beating last year on a Colts team that was severely undermanned and is now unable to throw a football, which is what he does for a living. Indianapolis has kept any news about Luck secretive and close to the vest, which is understandable.


These shoulder issues are not a new thing, they have been a problem for the star QB for the better part of three years. Finally having surgery was supposed to be the end of his issues, but now Luck has a mysterious pain in his throwing arm that doctors can’t figure out. Yes, the doctors who are the arm and shoulder specialists have no idea why he still has pain.

January of 2017, Luck had surgery on his partially torn labrum, which has a 6-9 month recovery time, but after 5 months, Luck hadn’t even picked up a football. So, what was the holdup? The Colts have been tight-lipped about the whole Luck situation, but signs were good before they placed him on the IR (injured reserve.)


The Colts are 2-6 at the halfway point so why would they rick play Luck in a no-win situation? That is why they finally came to their senses and placed him on the IR, but should we be worried about Luck’s future?

Yes, we should. It’s been over nine months now since his surgery and he can’t even toss a ball around. This injury could be much worse than previously thought and Luck’s career is in complete jeopardy now. This summer will show us all how far he has come from now and if he is any closer to throwing. By now we know that the Indianapolis Colts will keep any information hidden from the public eye, so only time will tell.


If I had to guess, Andrew Luck won’t play football next year either and he may never throw another football in Indianapolis again. Which if I was him I wouldn’t either, I would demand a trade to a team that has interest in protecting their QB. The Colts may have ruined a rising star and one of the best young football prospects the league has seen in a long time.