When you think of One-Hit Wonders, usually Sir Mix-a-lot and Vanilla Ice come to your mind, but what about NFL one-hit wonders?  You see them every year, a player goes nuts and we all assume a new star is born and just as fast as they appear, they are gone.  Sometimes it happens because of injuries or sometimes they are just outed as frauds.  Let’s dive into the NFL’s biggest one-hit wonders and try and figure out what went wrong.


RG3 – Robert Griffin III – Washington Redskins

When RG3 hit the scene he hit it running faster than anyone else and he seemed destined for greatness until we learned that he had no idea how to slide.  He went from NFL Rookie of the Year to playing Madden 2013 and crying alone on his couch.  His story is common, a massive knee injury followed by more injuries.  Griffin is more suited for the track than a contact sport.


Nick Foles – Quarterback – Philadelphia Eagles

This QB came out of nowhere to put up legendary numbers in Chip Kelly’s innovative offense and all of a sudden he is shipped out of town to football purgatory, a Jeff Fisher team.  In just 13 games as the starter in the 2013 season, Foles threw for 2y TDs and only 2 ints.  The secret was actually Chip Kelly’s offense, but once the league had enough tape on it, they figured it out and now his offense is like Michael Jackson… dead.


Elbert “Ickey” Woods – Running Back – Cincinnati Bengals

The “Ickey Shuffle” was the best TD dance and a great introduction to a young, flashy player.  Too bad his second season started off with an ACL tear and just two years later he was out of the league.  What a great rookie year he had thought…  He ran for almost 1,100 yards and made the Pro Bowl team.


Peyton Hillis – Running Back – Cleveland Browns

This dude was so good in 2010 that he made the Madden cover the next year, as a fullback.  That is incredible enough but he followed up his insane 2010 of 1,200 yards and 11 TDs with the ultimate Madden Curse.  He had injuries and salary issues that eventually got him shipped out of Cleveland by 2012 and he was done in the league by 2014…

Vince Young – Quarterback – Tennessee Titans

Yet another Rookie of the Year who flamed out after one spectacular season.  He followed up what may have been the greatest performance in a college championship with a huge season for the Titans and then he mentally broke down.  He also had Jeff Fisher as his coach, who may be the least inventive head coach I’ve ever seen.


Sadly these players never lived up to the incredible hype they generated with their one hit season.   Injuries and pressure can turn any piece of coal into a diamond, so it’s apparent they were just turds, with a fresh polish…  Sorry but not sorry for the honesty.