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NFL’s Funniest Memes To Get You In The Football Mood

Let’s take a look at some of the funniest NFL memes to get you ready for the upcoming season.



The NFL is back and we couldn’t be more excited.  Its the 2017 season and the New England Patriots are the reigning SuperBowl Champs but so far they look terrible and the Jacksonville Jaguars look amazing… What has come of the NFL?  Let’s take a look at some of the funniest NFL memes to get you ready for the upcoming season.  Breakout the wings and brews, invite over your pals, it’s football season!


Adrian Peterson and The Saints are a match made in heaven…

The Raiders really hate the Broncos, so much that this guy had to relieve himself all over the team headquarters…

HAHAHA, Jay Cutler is a human dumpster fire and will personally drag the Dolphins down to the ground…

The Washington football team is terrible… and the upper management is screwing the team and their fans out of any chance of being good.


Cheaters never win, unless they are the Patriots, they always win and always cheat…


The Dolphins made a mistake… and Cutler will throw at least 25 mistakes (INTs)


HAHAHA, the Bengals can’t even score a TD this season, so how are they going to win a playoff game?

Dalvin Cook made AP look like the kid about to be hit with the switch… How does that feel?

Run Watson, Run!


Classic Refs, a bunch of part-time refs, that’s a great idea NFL…

Seriously, that game was so freaking boring, no offense and definitely no quarterback play.


Oh Boy, Rex Ryan likes women’s feet, that is a fact and that makes this meme so funny.



HAHAHA, that’s funny because he is a quarterback and plays offense.


Being drafted by the Browns is basically a death sentence to your career. 


Raiders fans are some of the best in the NFL and this meme proves just how fair weather fans the 49ers actually have.


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Dolphins Cut DL After Cheap Shot On Starting Running Back

The Miami Dolphins released defensive lineman Gabe Wright on Monday.



The Miami Dolphins officially cut defensive lineman Gabe Wright after he blindsided likely starting running back Kenyan Drake while he wasn’t wearing a helmet.

The incident happened at the end of a small fight among Dolphins players during their practice on Monday. During the skirmish, Drake threw Wright’s helmet and Wright apparently wasn’t too happy about that. So he rushed Drake, now not wearing his helmet and hit him very hard. Thankfully, Drake was not hurt.

“Hindsight is 20/20, especially when it comes to the severity of someone getting cut in that situation,” Drake said in an interview after the practice. “We’ve been hanging for two weeks now. It’s easy to sit on the outside looking in saying, ‘You should have more composure.’ But tempers flare. It’s an unfortunate situation and I wish nothing but the best for him.”

Sadly this could potentially be the end of Wright’s career. He was a fourth-round pick of the Lions in the 2015 draft and spent last season on the Dolphin’s practice squad. Many didn’t expect him to make the team this year either. And this situation certainly won’t help his chances of ending up on anyone else’s practice squad.

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The Hall Of Fame Will Not Individually Honor Terell Owens

The Pro Football Hall of Fame announced on Friday that they will not individually honor Terrell Owens at the enshrinement of the new class set to take place next month.



The Pro Football Hall of Fame announced on Friday that they will not individually honor Terrell Owens at the enshrinement of the new class set to take place next month. The announcement was made after Owens announced he will not be there.

Owens has instead chosen to give a speech at his alma mater, the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. His speech will take place on August 4th, while the enshrinement ceremony is scheduled for August 2nd. Owens name will still be announced when the whole class is announced, and his picture and videos of his playing days will be included in materials shown throughout the weekend.

The rest of the 2018 class joining Owens in the Hall includes Bobby Beathard, Robert Brazile, Brian Dawkins, Jerry Kramer, Ray Lewis, Randy Moss, and Brian Urlacher. Certainly a star-studded class. So why did Owens choose to skip the ceremony?

Many believe it was because he was snubbed in the previous two years, the first two he was eligible. He had publicly complained about not being inducted in those two years and felt he was being unfairly treated due to how outspoken he was when he was a player. But make no mistake, he is one of the greatest receivers of all time and definitely deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

“The focus is on the guys who are here,” Joe Horrigan, the executive director of the Hall of Fame said in an interview with the Talk of Fame Sports Network on Thursday. “There’s no reason to bring him up as an individual. He’s not here.” And he’s got a point. Why bring up former teammates and coaches to talk about their memories with Owens if he won’t then be brought up to talk himself? It makes perfect sense, really.

Owens played 15 seasons with the NFL for the San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, Buffalo Bills, and Cincinnati Bengals. When it was all said and done, he had 1,078 receptions (8th all-time) for 15,934 yards (2nd all-time) and 153 touchdowns (3rd all-time). But, as well all remember, he was also famously a problem player. Even getting in intense arguments with coaches and teammates on the sidelines during games.

In a way, I understand the decision by Owens. He gave everything he had to the game, but many people involved with it do not like him. They didn’t like his attitude when he played and they still don’t like it now. So why would he celebrate with them? Can you really blame him for wanting to celebrate his Hall of Fame career with people that love and appreciate him? I know I can’t. 

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David Tepper Officially Buys The Carolina Panthers

The sale of the Carolina Panthers to billionaire David Tepper for $2.275 billion was made official on Monday.



This isn’t exactly breaking news, we already knew the Carolina Panthers were being sold to hedge fund billionaire David Tepper. But the sale became official on Monday. The price? An NFL record $2.275 billion.

“I am thrilled to begin this new era of Carolina Panthers football and am humbled by the overwhelming excitement and support for the team,” Tepper said in a statement on Monday. “On behalf of the fans and myself, I thank Jerry Richardson for bringing the team to the Carolinas and for entrusting me with its future.”

Tepper bought the Cam Newton-led team from the man that found the franchise, Jerry Richardson. Richardson, as you may know, was recently fined a whopping $2.75 million by the NFL for sexual and racial misconduct in the workplace. In fact, Richardson’s announcement that he was selling the team came in December of 2017, just two days after the Panthers announced they were taking over an investigation into Richardson’s workplace misconduct.

No official statement was ever made linking the two bombshells, but it’s safe to assume his decision to sell the team had something to do with the investigation. He issued a statement that said he and his wife “are grateful to the Carolina community for the love and support you have shown your Panthers. Your enthusiasm for football and devotion to the team has been a source of strength for us and for everyone who calls the Carolinas home.”

Tepper was unanimously approved by NFL owners to buy the team back in the Spring. And since then he’s already gone out of his way to meet with Panthers team leaders, veteran players, and even some staff at Bank of America Stadium. But, as part of the sale, Tepper was forced to sell his 5% ownership of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

And now it’s Tepper’s turn to see if he can finally take the Panthers to a Super Bowl victory. “Winning is the most important thing both on the field and in the community, and I am committed to winning a Super Bowl championship together. I look forward to being part of the Panthers’ family and to supporting this flourishing region.”

Tepper has already said he has no significant plans on changing the current roster or coaching staff. The Panthers have seen great success under quarterback Cam Newton and head coach Ron Rivera, including making it all the way to the Super Bowl in 2015. But perhaps the more important question is, how much will he try to change the culture within the organization that led to the sexual and racial misconduct allegations that were levied against the Panthers former owner?

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