The Pittsburgh Pirates were very upset by the devastating Hurricane Marie that rocked the island of Puerto Rico so they decided to help. The Pirates organized a two-day drive at their stadium, PNC Park earlier this week to help and collect essentials that the island of Puerto Rico so desperately needs. They collected food, water, diapers, wipes and many other things that are in short supply after the hurricane.

The Pittsburgh Pirates might seem like an unlikely group to come together to collect supplies but they did it to honor the legendary Pirate, Roberto Clemente who is a Hall of Famer. Roberto Clemente was born on the island of Puerto Rico and he devoted his life to various humanitarian efforts. Since he was such a kind and giving soul, the Pirates organization decided to honor him in the best way possible, by giving to his home island.
At the end of the two-day drive, the baseball team was able to acquire an astonishing 500,000 pounds of supplies that were sent on two planes and just recently touched down to help the desperate Puerto Rican people.

Local businesses and foundations donated some of the supplies but the fans came out in astounding numbers to donate around 85% of the supplies that the Pirates received. It’s beautiful to see an entire city rally around their baseball team to help a bunch of people in need. Pittsburgh may be pretty far away from Puerto Rico but the people close to the baseball team past and present are very close.


The coach of the Pirates, Joey Cora, is a Puerto Rico native as well and he had an amazing discovery as a result of this impressive charity-drive. “We didn’t know there were so many Puerto Ricans here in Pittsburgh,” Cora said. “When they came through that line donating stuff, and telling you that they haven’t been able to communicate with anybody in Puerto Rico, they’re just donating stuff whether or not it’s going to get to their parents or their families.”

Pirates owner, Bob Nutting said “This effort really was inspired by the legacy of Roberto Clemente, and the fact that so many people from his home country are in desperate need of help, I hope he would be proud to see his Pirates organization and the people of Pittsburgh rally together in the relief effort.”


The Pirates are not just stopping at 500,000 lbs. of supplies sent on two planes, they are also sending $250,000 of cash donations to the cities that have been destroyed by Hurricane Maria, Cayey, and Caguas. It’s beautiful to see so many people give help to others in need and that is part of what makes this country such a fantastic place to live. I think Roberto Clemente would be very proud of his team and also very thankful for the help they are sending to his native island of Puerto Rico.