This summer was crazy around the NBA with so many faces changing teams and the division of power between the East and West only grew deeper.  There are a few top-tier teams in the NBA this season and plenty of teams stuck in purgatory.  So with so much drama in the LBC, we had to stick our noses in the fray and give our birdbrain predictions.  Today we will look at the Eastern Conference, and tomorrow we will dive into the real dogfight in the WEST.



This team has had some serious turnover and lost one of its two biggest stars in Kyrie Irving.  He was replaced by a whole cast off of old talent like Dwayne Wade and Derrick Rose.  Jae Crowder should improve the team D and LeBron will have to be himself as usual.



The Wizards come back almost entirely like they were last year and their top 3 is tough with Wall, Beal, and Porter.  Expect this core to push the Cavs for the Finals.  We really like the Wizards and hope they continue to stay healthy.



The Celtics series revamped their squad from last year with new arrivals Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward.  Losing Isaiah Thomas hurts but they will get over it.



The Raptors play great in the regular season but always seem to fall apart in the postseason.  Maybe this year Kyle Lowry can keep t together…. but that is yet to be seen.


Who doesn’t love Giannis Antetokounmpo, or the Greek Freak, as he is commonly known?  He is only getting better and is a darkhorse MVP candidate.  Let’s see how far they can ride him.



SOmehow Pat Riley has assembled a squad of castaways and medium talent players and turned it into an alright squad.  Let’s be honest though, they will do no better than 5 or 6 in the East, which is not good.



Jordan has really gotten his team together and turned a down franchise into a young upstart that is exciting to watch.  If the youngsters can get it together consistently, they can be good.



The Pistons rarely spend money on free agents and let all their best players leave, so how can they compete?  Sure, Drummond is a nice piece but he will be gone soon anyway so who cares?


The 76ers could surprise some people but really who knows how Ben Simmons will be and if Embiid can stay healthy for more than 40 games.  Simmons will be a candidate for rookie of the year, so that could be interesting to watch.


Rounding out the bottom of the conference are the Magic, Pacers, Hawks, Knicks, Nets, and Bulls all of who should be terrible this year so they don’t deserve more detail.


Tomorrow we delve deeper into the Western Conference.