This whole two teams in Los Angeles experiment is quickly blowing up in the NFL’s and Dean Spanos’ face. Why did they think that a city full of fair weather fans would actually support two NFL teams? The Los Angeles Chargers play in a 30,000 seat soccer stadium and can barely sell it out, mostly with opposing team fans. The Chargers are dying and as of now, they have no plans to move back to San Diego, so where can they go from here?

Last year, Chargers owner Dean Spanos made a splash when he announced he would relocate his team from neighboring San Diego to the much larger market of Los Angeles. He grew increasingly frustrated with the city of San Diego and their lackluster efforts to build a new stadium. The St. Louis Rams had already moved to Los Angeles the year before and the region had quickly become oversaturated with sports teams and events.

The Rams are building a state-of-the-art facility, museum, and stadium in Los Angeles and are currently renting out the LA Coliseum from USC. They are also struggling to sell tickets as the 90,000 plus seat stadium sits half full most games.

Both teams have struggled to gain a foothold in this over-saturated Los Angeles entertainment market. The USC Trojans and The UCLA Bruins are the more popular teams in LA and both sellout all their games. There are fans out there but neither team is grabbing them with unimaginative play and poor marketing strategies.

As of now, according to NFL insider Adam Schefter, there are no talks currently about moving the Chargers back to San Diego. This means that both franchises are sticking it out and the battle for LA goes on, with no real winner in sight.

Once the new stadium in Inglewood is finished in 2019, maybe we will be able to decide a winner between the lowly Rams and Chargers. It’s really going to come down to which team can win first, as you know, LA only supports winners.

When you think about it, both teams are destined to fail, Los Angeles just doesn’t support football over the long haul. The Rams were here before, as were the Raiders and both those teams couldn’t keep fans interested.

I just can’t see the chargers remaining in LA more than a few years. Maybe some other city will lure them away with a new stadium and lucrative tax breaks. I’m looking at you Portland Oregon and San Antonio Texas. Both of these cities are ramping up offers and making room for a team in the near future…