This season of the NBA will make history for a bunch of different reasons. There are new superteams everywhere like the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Boston Celtics and the Houston Rockets. The Cleveland Cavaliers have added a bunch of new weapons and we have Dwayne Wade teaming back up with Lebron James. We also have another year of the Warriors playing incredible basketball, this time with Nick Young and Omri Casspi. Also, the 76ers are exciting, Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons are finally healthy, and the rookie Markelle Fultz will probe to be super exciting. Or maybe if you live in Los Angeles you’re excited about Lonzo Ball making his Lakers debut. However, what I’m most excited about is in Los Angeles as well. The rookie I am most excited about in the NBA this season is the Los Angeles Clippers’ 30-year-old Miloš Teodosić.


Miloš Teodosić is a guard from Serbia who has been lighting European basketball courts on fire. He is mostly known for his incredible passing skills and should bring a level of excitement to the Clippers that they will desperately need since they have just lost veteran point guard Chris Paul. Miloš has a game that is nothing like Chris Paul but the level of excitement he brings is something that Chris Paul has never brought to the game. Miloš is more of a passer in the vain of White Chocolate aka Jason Williams or Pistol Pete Marovich.


In the preseason Milosš has already been throwing cross-court passes and has made the Clippers look super exciting. He could be exactly the player that Blake Griffin and Deandre Jordan need to reignite lob-city. You have to feel bad for the Clippers, they were such a good team and championship contenders until it all fell apart. The last couple of seasons they have looked horrendous compared to how they used to be. They were left in the dust and now that Chris Paul is gone maybe they have the time to really rebuild and become cool again.


I think the Clippers best shot is to just let loose and I think they will. They will probably run up and down the court in the style that is lighting the NBA on fire these days and that is the perfect style of game to suit Miloš Teodosić. The Clippers might not be quite as good as they were with Chris Paul but they definitely will be a lot more exciting. Excitement is what the Clippers seem to thrive on. When Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan are playing exciting basketball that is when they are at their best. Milosš is the same way and that is why I think this could be such a perfect pairing in Los Angeles.

Miloš Teodosić may be incredibly old to be entering the NBA as a rookie, but he is one of the most exciting prospects I have seen in a long time. Pretty soon Los Angeles will catch a rookie fever and it won’t be for Lonzo, it will be for Miloš.