What Players Can and Can’t-Do Under The NFL’s New Celebration Rules

The NFL was probably tired of everyone calling them the No Fun League, so they are allowing fun celebrations again after scores and turnovers. Don’t get too excited, because it wouldn’t be the NFL without some stupid and ridiculous rules attached. We dissected the new rules to see exactly what players can and can’t-do, so let’s dive in, shall we?

For years the touchdown celebrations in the NFL were getting out of hand with props and gimmicks that were distracting from the game. So the NFL stepped in and made all celebrations other than spiking the ball and high fives illegal and subject to a 15-yard penalty. Then we were stuck in the doldrums for years as players were systematically penalized and dined for anything that showed any flare or originality.

Let’s face it, the NFL wanted a bland product that is palatable to the most people, so they watered down the product. As we have seen in the recent presidential election, our country is divided and certain people were not happy with excessive celebrations. Not even talking about the anthem protests, which is another whole ball of yarn but it still deals with similar issues.

Gladly the NFL woke up and realized the actual product is important and if its good, people will watch. They allowed celebrations back with restrictions but it has already improved ratings.

What you can and can’t-do are pretty funny actually…
-You can shoot the football like a basketball, but you can’t dunk it over the goal posts.
-You can’t shoot fake weaponry or throw the ball like a grenade, because of that would show violence…

This is the same NFL that has multiple teams with questionable mascots (I’m looking at you Washington and Kansas City), and a few teams with weapons that fire after scores (I’m looking at you Tampa and Minnesota). The NFL needs to chose if people can use weapons or not because the continued double standards are starting to get crazy. The NFL fined Washington CB Josh Norman for firing a fake Bow and Arrow but allows the Buccaneers to fire off a real cannon 7 times when they score a TD. Seems legit.

-You can jump into the stands and party with your entire team but you had better not twerk your butt in a sexual manner, that’s a penalty and a fine.
So if you do one pelvic thrust or booty shake you can get a 15-yard-penalty and a hefty fine.
-Don’t even think about using a prop or celebrating too long, that is excessive and will most likely get you a fine.

– Thankfully you and your teammates are allowed to do fun group celebrations, like when the Redskins intercepted a football and the team proceeded to frisk and arrest that player on the field. Talk about a protest celebration. I expect these players to get fined and the NFL will obviously be cracking down on these type of celebrations.

The NFL may have loosened up the strings a little bit, just don’t forget who runs the show and who writes the checks…