By now you have all heard of the Madden Curse, right? If not, here is a quick reminder… Every year one player is chosen to star on the cover of the Madden video game and each year that player subsequently has an off year. Usually, the player has a season-ending injury or an unusual sub-par performance. either way, the results are not good. Let’s take a look at the players who have been most affected by the Madden Curse.

Madden 2002: Daunte Culpepper
Daunte Culpeper had one of his worst years ever, the same year he was on the Madden 2002 cover. After a ProBowl season, Daunte suffered a knee injury n week 11 and prior to that had bad numbers. This year the Madden Curse caught up to Daunte and the Minnesota Vikings.

Madden 12: Peyton Hillis
Remember when Peyton Hillis was good enough to star on the Madden cover? Yea, me either. Somehow, Peyton Hillis had a good enough year in 2011 that he got the cover and the rest is history. Hillis had a mediocre year, which is about right for a fullback playing halfback on the Browns. He finished with only 587 yds and three TDS. Yea, that’s sounds like all-star numbers to me…

Madden 07: Shaun Alexander
The year prior, Shaun Alexander had one of the best years any running back has ever had in the NFL, 1,800+ yards, and 27 TDs. He followed that up with an injury-riddled Madden cover season and a broken foot. After that foot injury, he was never the same and the Madden Curse had another victim…

Madden 06: Donovan McNabb
Donovan recorded his worst statistical year the same year he was on the cover of Madden, coincidence….. we think not. He spent the entire year bickering with his main receiver Terrell Owens and finished his season with a groin injury in week 9. The Curse strikes again.

Madden 17: Rob Gronkowski
Gronk felt the Madden curse from the jump when he started the season with a hamstring injury, missing the first two weeks. After that Gronk was feeling the flow and playing at a high level but the curse struck again as he had a back injury that ended his season. Cursed form the jump…


Madden 2004: Michael Vick
Before his dog fighting caught up to him, Michael Vick was on top of the sports world until he joined the Madden Cover curse family.
Vick broke his leg in the Preseason and would miss 11 games before he would return to play poorly. The Curse caught up with him and many would say the curse hung around him has his luck just got worse and worse…

Madden 18: Tom Brady
Now Tom Brady is on the cover of the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) edition of Madden 18 and his first game out the gates looked horrible. Could the Curse be real? Brady bounced back pretty well in week 2 against the New Orleans Saints, so only time will tell if the curse has affected him as well.