Why burn your jersey, when you could just as easily donate that piece of clothing to a worthwhile organization? Whenever I see an idiotic sports fan burn the jersey of a player who has left the team or of an organization that did something they don’t agree with, all I can think is, why? Why not do something good with that clothing or product instead of destroying it out of blind anger? Moments like these are when you realize our species is destined to crash and burn.

In a time when natural disasters are ravaging our planet and people all over are suffering, maybe you should think outside of your tiny bubble and think about how stupid your actions are. Sports are supposed to be a release, a way to cut loose from all of life’s problems and hardships, but somehow we ruined that too.
Remember this summer, when the Boston Celtics traded star point guard Isaiah Thomas to the Cleveland Cavaliers for fellow all-star point guard Kyrie Irving, Boston fans burned Thomas’ jersey, even though he had no say in what transpired? People were upset with the trade, mad that their favorite player was leaving the team, I understand that… But what I don’t get is why burn his jersey? There is no good reason.

Isaiah didn’t ask for a trade, he didn’t even know it was happening, but these birdbrains decided to burn his jersey in an act of anger… Seems like morons burning crosses because they are scared of things that are not like them, or as I call them, cowards. I can’t stand when idiotic people burn jerseys, seriously, grow up children. If you keep acting like kids, maybe you should be treated like kids. If you burn jerseys, you aren’t allowed to watch sports anymore, because you are a bad fan, we don’t want you anymore, you have disgraced all of us with your ignorance and stupidity.

There are literally millions of people who would love to have a new shirt, but no, you decide it’s better to burn that jersey because your little brain can’t handle the fact that a player you liked, isn’t on your team anymore… really?

Or these numbnuts who are protesting the NFL because people are kneeling for the National Anthem… OMG. People, the teams weren’t even on the field for the National Anthem until 2009, when the NFL and the US military had a deal set to increase patriotism… blah blah blah, you all got conned by big business and the US government…

It’s time to wake up people, the NFL is a business and its profits from people talking about it, so keep boycotting it all you want, the ratings are higher than ever, and Roger Goodell still makes over $35 million a year…

Keep burning jerseys, they only bring attention to your stupidity and the fact that you don’t care about your fellow human beings… and that is sadder than anything.