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Why Do Idiotic People Burn Jerseys?

Why burn your jersey, when you could just as easily donate that piece of clothing to a worthwhile organization? 



Why burn your jersey, when you could just as easily donate that piece of clothing to a worthwhile organization? Whenever I see an idiotic sports fan burn the jersey of a player who has left the team or of an organization that did something they don’t agree with, all I can think is, why? Why not do something good with that clothing or product instead of destroying it out of blind anger? Moments like these are when you realize our species is destined to crash and burn.

In a time when natural disasters are ravaging our planet and people all over are suffering, maybe you should think outside of your tiny bubble and think about how stupid your actions are. Sports are supposed to be a release, a way to cut loose from all of life’s problems and hardships, but somehow we ruined that too.
Remember this summer, when the Boston Celtics traded star point guard Isaiah Thomas to the Cleveland Cavaliers for fellow all-star point guard Kyrie Irving, Boston fans burned Thomas’ jersey, even though he had no say in what transpired? People were upset with the trade, mad that their favorite player was leaving the team, I understand that… But what I don’t get is why burn his jersey? There is no good reason.

Isaiah didn’t ask for a trade, he didn’t even know it was happening, but these birdbrains decided to burn his jersey in an act of anger… Seems like morons burning crosses because they are scared of things that are not like them, or as I call them, cowards. I can’t stand when idiotic people burn jerseys, seriously, grow up children. If you keep acting like kids, maybe you should be treated like kids. If you burn jerseys, you aren’t allowed to watch sports anymore, because you are a bad fan, we don’t want you anymore, you have disgraced all of us with your ignorance and stupidity.

There are literally millions of people who would love to have a new shirt, but no, you decide it’s better to burn that jersey because your little brain can’t handle the fact that a player you liked, isn’t on your team anymore… really?

Or these numbnuts who are protesting the NFL because people are kneeling for the National Anthem… OMG. People, the teams weren’t even on the field for the National Anthem until 2009, when the NFL and the US military had a deal set to increase patriotism… blah blah blah, you all got conned by big business and the US government…

It’s time to wake up people, the NFL is a business and its profits from people talking about it, so keep boycotting it all you want, the ratings are higher than ever, and Roger Goodell still makes over $35 million a year…

Keep burning jerseys, they only bring attention to your stupidity and the fact that you don’t care about your fellow human beings… and that is sadder than anything.

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Tim Duncan Vows to Save Virgin Islands

NBA great Tim Duncan is really putting his money where his mouth is, as he returns to his homeland of the Virgin Islands to help in hurricane relief. 



NBA great Tim Duncan is really putting his money where his mouth is, as he returns to his homeland of the Virgin Islands to help in hurricane relief. This is Duncan’s third trip back to the U.S. Birgin Islands since September when two category 5 hurricanes decimated the island. Back to back storms Irma and Maria ravaged the small island nation with heavy rain, 150 mph winds and devastating storm surges. Now Tim has dedicated his time, money and resources to rebuild his home islands.

Immediately following the first hurricane, Duncan started an online crowdsourcing campaign aimed at reaching a million dollars and he even pledged to match the first million. What a bold and thoughtful move, especially since no nations were stepping up.


Duncan was 13 when hurricane Hugo ravaged his island nation, so he knows first hand how difficult it is to rebuild after this sort of tragedy. He vowed to help his former home and he actually is doing it. Many times when celebrities offer their help, its all show, not with Tim, he’s the real deal.

16 months after he retired from the NBA, Tim is surrounded by fellow volunteers as he sets up tables for food distribution. SOme of the people ask for pictures and autographs, but that doesn’t bother him, as long as the line keeps moving and the people get fed.
This trip Duncan personally delivered an entire plane full of supplies, food, and medicine. The kind of stuff these people need the most, so he knows just how important this really is.
On this day, they originally planned to feed 500 people but ended up feeding 2200.
Duncan grew angry over the US government’s lack of urgency with relief efforts, even though the Virgin Islands are an American territory. That’s why he started the crowdsourcing fund which to date has raised over $2.6 million.

Duncan said, “I don’t have a Facebook or a Twitter or anything, but holy s–t if social media isn’t the way to go.” None of this incredible relief effort would’ve even happened without Tim’s initial push.
Duncan didn’t just rush into this because he wanted to do it right. We have all heard horror stories about charities trying to help but end up failing miserably. He wouldn’t let this happen so he got help from his trusted advisor Wendy Kowalik.


Wendy interviewed San Antonio food banks to figure out the best ways to get bulk food and she researched airplane charters to get the food and supplies to the Virgin Islands.
So far Duncan alone has helped feed 10,000 of the islands’ 50,000 inhabitants and he has only gotten started. He said, “Sh*t happens, and you fix it…”

Duncan went on to say, “It’s only been a month and already people are forgetting about Harvey and what happened to Houston.” He continued, “Six months from now, people will forget about what happened here, even if there’s still no power on the islands. People have lost their homes and they’ve lost their shops. They’ve lost everything. Buildings are damaged and roads are ruined. I don’t know how to fix those things, but I didn’t know how to raise money or do food distribution or charter jets, and we figured all that out. We’ll figure this out, too. We’ll figure out how to rebuild the islands.”


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Sports Illustrated Messed Up On This One

 How could Sports Illustrated do a cover story on protesting and sports without including the man who started it all, Mr. Kaepernick?



This week, Sports Illustrated released its latest issue with a controversial cover featuring the words “A Nation Divided, Sports United.” The picture accompanying the headline is what really sparked some controversy, on an already firey subject. The image on the cover was of Steph Curry locked arms with LeBron James and Roger Goodell and other sports figures who have been protesting lately, with one major person missing… Colin Kaepernick. How could Sports Illustrated do a cover story on protesting and sports without including the man who started it all, Mr. Kaepernick?

Last year, Colin Kaepernick, the then quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, took a knee during the National Anthem to protest police brutality that was sweeping the nation. This single act of defiance set the sports world on fire and started a whole movement for equality and equal rights for all humans, no matter their race, sex or sexual orientation.

The fact that Sports Illustrated would leave his image off of the cover is unacceptable and downright wrong. There would be no national discussion of this horrible social and cultural issue we have in this country and we owe a lot of this to Colin Kaepernick. He is even putting his money where his mouth is by donating over $1 million to charities all over the world.

Steph Curry, who was on the cover, spoke out about it to reporters at the NBA’s preseason media day saying, “That was terrible…, if you don’t have (Kaepernick) front and center, something’s wrong.” Speaking to’s Chris Haynes, Curry added that the magazine was, “capitalizing on the hoopla and the media and all that nonsense.”

Sports Illustrated’s excuse was that Colin Kaepernick may not have been on the cover but his presence was all over the article, which sounds like a total cop-out to me. I wish those big companies would just admit their mistakes for once and move on, it’s pretty much that simple. All they have to do is make a statement and say that they will make it right by doing a Colin Kaepernick piece in the next issue, see is that so hard?

We all know that they will never admit to any mistakes or oversights and this story will eventually be forgotten, but that is the problem. Our country is divided and we have sports acting as a connecting force, so we should support that connection, not exploit it.


This latest controversy was sparked when the current POTUS tweeted out about Steph Curry and his team not accepting the invitation to the White House. Like most of his tweets, this one has blown up in his face and caused all sorts of controversy. The entire sports world has rallied around each other showing incredible unity and solidarity, the exact opposite thing that the POTUS expected.

All I know is that the country may be divided, but sports are showing how we all can unite under one cause, even if this cause is to crush a certain powerful figure…
Bye Felicia…!

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Tim Duncan Helps Out The Virgin Islands After Hurricane Irma

Much like JJ Watt and James Harden did for Houston after Hurricane Harvey, Duncan is spearheading relief efforts in the small Caribbean islands.



30 years ago a 13-year-old Tim Duncan survived Hurricane Hugo and that experience affected him deeply. That’s why Duncan felt compelled to step up for his home island of St. Croix after it was ravaged by a category 5 hurricane. Much like JJ Watt and James Harden did for Houston after Hurricane Harvey, Duncan is spearheading relief efforts in the small Caribbean islands.

When Tim was 13, St. Croix was almost entirely destroyed by Hurricane Hugo, which was only a category 4. 90 percent of the island’s buildings were completely destroyed and it left them with a total rebuild. Living through this hardship made Duncan realize how important it was for him to step up and help out after this powerful category 5 ripped through the Virgin Islands.

Duncan recalled the aftermath of Hugo to Anderson Cooper on CNN, talking about how his small island banded together to help one another and that was his motivation to help with this tragedy.

On Sept. 9, Duncan posted a story to the Player’s Tribune titled “Don’t Forget About the Islands,” where he said that he would donate $250,000 of his own money and pledged to match the first million donated to his Virgin Island Relief Fund. He then went on to describe his horrific experience with Hurricane Hugo as a child.

Duncan said, “Hugo hit at night. The first thing I remember is a loud boom from the windows blowing out of our house. My mother and sister burst into my bedroom and led me by the hand into another room. We spent the rest of the night sitting in a small bathroom, our eyes wide open. None of us could sleep. We heard the bangs and booms of debris. Once in a while, I’d peek down the hallway at my dad, who was watching our ceiling. One of the beams had a crack in it, and the crack slowly grew bigger throughout the night. I think my dad was praying.”
Already, Tim Duncan has raised over $2.4 million through his relief fund.

On Sept. 14, he and former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg visited the islands personally and held a joint press conference reiterating that the U.S would do everything they could to help in the aid efforts.

Tim Duncan has always stepped back and let others get all the attention, its just his personality, that is why this is so outside of his normal personality. He is doing a great thing in this time of tragedy.

After his initial show of support for the island, Duncan said that both FEMA and the US federal government have stepped up their efforts.

Tim Duncan has never been the trendsetter, he has always just sat back and done his job. Thankfully for the people of the Virgin Islands, Tim didn’t sit back this time, instead, he stepped up and did the right thing.
You da man Tim, thanks for being a great human being.

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