The NBA season is here and after that spectacular opening night, how can you not be excited?  All 30 teams have a dream of winning a championship but only a few actually have a shot at a title.  Every year a team wins the championship and every year a bad player walks away with a ring.  It’s inevitable, just like the sun rising in the East and setting in the West, a horrible player will win a championship.  This is truer now than ever with all these “super teams,”   the benches are full of mediocre players and small salaries.  Let’s explore the worst players to ever win a ring in the NBA.

Mark Madsen – Los Angeles Lakers (2001, 2002)

Madsen is more remembered for his horrible dance moves than his boring play on the court.  This lumbering oaf was stiffer than a cheap motel bed and moved like a guy who has been dead for two weeks… rigor mortis has already set in.

Greg Oden – Miami Heat (2013)

Yep, that Greg Oden, the number one pick who was a mega bust and looked older than most people’s father when he was drafted.  It was no surprise that this massive guy had foot problems that would sideline him most of his career.  He still somehow made it onto the Heat super team right before it derailed, but he got a ring.

Ian Mahinmi – San Antonio Spurs (2007)

Has anyone ever seen Ian Mahinmi run?  It resembles a mummy on fire.  The guy needs yoga in a bad way and somehow this goof won a chip with the Spurs.  He is as athletic as a sofa but is tall like a giraffe, so that makes him a bench player in the NBA.

Eddie Curry – Miami Heat (2012)

Eddie Curry almost ate himself out of the league and that is saying something considering Oliver Miller ate a house and still played.  This burger loving big man found his way onto the super Heat team with LeBron, Wade, and Bosh…  Curry was a big bag of wasted talent with a championship ring.

JaVale McGee – Golden State Warriors (2017)

JaVale is garbage and plays without his brain most of the time.  This is the guy with more blooper reels than America’s Funniest Home Videos. You may remember the Twitter feud he got into with Shaq where his mom had to come to his defense.  McGee is a joke and only won a ship because he can dunk alley-oops every once in a while.

Brian Scalabrine – Boston Celtics (2008)

The Celtics were the first Superteam with the original big 3 and of course, there was Brian Scalabrine riding the pine.  This goofy redhead would always come in during garbage time when the lead was too big.  He mopped up in these spots and somehow chugged along for a nice little career.  A championship ring doesn’t hurt.


Adam Morrison – Los Angeles Lakers (2009, 2010)

This draft bust somehow won two championships with the Lakers and his stache is the most memorable thing.  The saddest thing is that Morrison was a baller in college and a real dud in the pros.  Him being traded to the Lakers in a salary dump was the best dump of his life.