The New York Giants season just keeps getting worse after their horrible start, now a mutiny is starting. The Giants are 1-7 at their midway mark and now there are reports of a mutiny.


The season started off bad with flashy wide receiver O’Dell Beckham Jr. nursing a sore ankle and then losing him for the season a few games in. The team started out 0-5 and only won their first game after HC Ben McAdoo relinquished play-calling duties.


The report by Benjamin Allbright of Mile High Sports claims that a source close to the team said, “the players hate him, no one trusts him and he is only out for himself.” The source went on to say that he’d be “shocked beyond belief if McAdoo returns next season.”

Hate is a strong word, but as stories of a possible Eli Manning benching by McAdoo surface, the teammates start to come together. When someone goes after your quarterback, a football team will rally around their leader and it is obvious who the team respects more.


McAdoo has been on the hot seat since the team’s terrible start and last season’s disappointing finish. After the head coach gave up play-calling responsibilities, the Giants upset the Denver Broncos, so maybe it was his bad play calling or the fact that the team simply does not respect him.

It is difficult to get grown NFL players to respect you as a head coach and it seems to me that McAdoo has lost his locker room.


Usually, a big upset on the road will spark a football team but after that victory, the Giants lost their next two games, both of which were at home, by a combined 75-24…


Let’s face it, the Giants are a ship without a captain and a team with a washed-up quarterback and no healthy wide receivers. Their season is over, they should sit Eli, start his backup and see if he has what it takes to take over the reins.

We all know by now that Ben McAdoo will be coaching elsewhere next season, the only question is does he know?