A lot of the hype around this Los Angeles Lakers season is based solely on Lonzo Ball. The guy has been surrounded by media attention since his days in high school thanks to his incredible play and the crazy antics of his father, Lavar Ball. Whether you love or hate Lonzo you have to be keeping a close eye on him. Everyone seems to be watching how this kid plays, what shoes he wears and what his dad has to say about his performances. What will he turn into as an NBA player? Only time will tell. He’s only played one game so far and it gave us very little to chew on. All we know right now is that the NBA is coming for Lonzo Ball and his rookie season is going to be rough.


In my whole life, I’ve never seen an athlete with a target on his back more than Lonzo Ball. Lebron was a highly touted player when he entered the NBA but the other players weren’t as annoyed with him as much as they’re annoyed with Lonzo, thanks in a large part to his father. No one really picked on Lebron during his rookie campaign because even back then Lebron was big even by NBA standards. Lonzo, on the other hand, is a scrawny NBA rookie and people are ready to teach him a hard lesson. At least, that’s what Patrick Beverly did Thursday night as the Clippers played the Lakers.


Patrick Beverly was immediately right in Lonzo Ball’s grill. As soon as Lonzo caught the ball, Patrick Beverly had his face in the chest of Lonzo. Beverly didn’t even try to defend right away, instead, he just threw his shoulder into Lonzo knocking him to the ground. The refs called a foul and then Lonzo got the ball back. Patrick was right back in Lonzo’s grill and this led to Lonzo turning the ball over.


Patrick Beverly then had some choice words for Lonzo and even decided to hit a three-pointer right in Lonzo’s face. Ball handled this all very well and didn’t even flinch. However, he didn’t exactly charge out of the gate the way he thought he may have. Instead, Lonzo only had three points from one three-pointer which he scored while Patrick Beverly was out of the game.


Patrick Beverly brought it hard on Lonzo Ball and I’m sure he’s not the first NBA player to do so. I have a feeling this is going to happen more than a few times in Lonzo’s rookie season. De’Aaron Fox looked a lot more impressive than Lonzo Ball did in his debut but then again, the NBA isn’t coming for De’Aaron’s head the way it is coming for Lonzo’s. I’m sure Lonzo has a lot of hard fouls coming his way and I hope that he is able to stay healthy all year long and play up to his potential.