This year, the NBA really shook things up by announcing that they are switching from their standard All-Star format to a new and exciting style. The teams are no longer divided by East and West, instead, all 24 players who get voted to the All-Star game will be placed into a pool and the two top vote-getters become captains. These captains then pick teams like a schoolyard pick up game. I expect things to get real petty as the teams are chosen and no one wants to be the last person picked.

Can you imagine if LeBron gets the captain’s spot, you think he will choose Kyrie? No Way. This is going to become a popularity contest and friends will pick friends and the teams will most likely not be equal.

Last year, LeBron James was the number one vote-getter in the East followed by Kyrie Irving and the Greek Freak Giannis Antetokounmpo. Steph Curry was the number one vote-getter in the West followed by Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Russell Westbrook. This could get pretty dicey as the top players all have beef with other big players.

Imagine if you will if LeBron and Steph are the captains, will Kyrie possibly be the last pick? What if Westbrook is captain, you think he will pick up Durant? No way.  Will the NBA be turned on its head?

I expect people’s feelings to be hurt, some egos will be crushed and already deep divides will only get deeper. Whoever is the last pick will be hurt and will almost certainly use that as motivation going into the second half of the season.

This could be a good chance for people to solidify deals with pending free agents, the possibilities are endless. The NBA has a lot on this switch. Chances are that LeBron and Steph will have the captains spots, so how do you think it will all shake out?

The east will most likely have these players as All-Stars:

LeBron James (captain)
Giannis Antetokounmpo
Kyrie Irving
John Wall
Gordon Hayward
Joel Embiid
Bradley Beal
Kemba Walker
Kyle Lowry
DeMar DeRozan
Hassan Whiteside
Al Horford
Goran Dragic
Andre Drummond
Kristaps Porzingis
Kevin Love
Otto Porter
Khris Middleton

The West will have these players:

Stephen Curry (Captain)
Russell Westbrook
Kevin Durant
Kawhi Leonard
Draymond Green
Klay Thompson
James Harden
Paul George
Jimmy Butler
Karl-Anthony Towns
Damian Lillard
Blake Griffin
Mike Conley
Marc Gasol
Anthony Davis
DeMarcus Cousins
C.J. McCollum
Nikola Jokic



For the first time in a long time, I’m actually excited for the All-Star Game, maybe they can just fix the dunk contest…